Are there any risks of enlarging the penis?

Not everyone who thinks about penis enlargement wants to undergo surgery directly. It's a man's business that we present the best natural methods and agents that can provide more for the bottom.


The topic itself is not one that is much talked about. Breast enlargements, liposuction, skin tightening - everything is now quite normal. But a penis enlargement? Who does that? And how does it work?

Well, these are the few most commonly asked questions among the men nowadays. However, penis thickening and extension can be done quickly with different methods.

Unlike the extension, penis thickening is performed under local anesthesia. In order to achieve a permanent penis thickening of approx. 2 cm, at best the body's own, living fat tissue is removed from certain parts of the abdomen, hip and thigh, and the member is transplanted under the penile skin at regular intervals. This is different from the fat injection or treatment with hyaluronic acid because of it permanently and the dismantling of width largely prevented.

Possible risks associated with penis enlargement

Penis enlargement is a surgical procedure and involves some risks that you should be aware of before the process. Some of these risks can be avoided by your behavior, information, and awareness; others are in the hands of the surgeon but also by chance.

First of all, you can avoid most of the risks by choosing a reputable doctor with years of experience; Not every surgeon is the right person to contact for all types of operations, which is why the qualifications and the procedures that are used are of paramount importance. A surgeon who specializes in the application of ears is just as unsuitable as one who uses modern practices. In doing so, care should be taken to avoid using artificial silicones.

Of course, surgery also always carries the risk of intolerance to the anesthetic or unexpected complications that you should be aware of before making a decision. Even after the operation, any factors that trigger further complications should be avoided. You should always pay attention to the doctor treating you and his recommendations for follow-up care, for example, to prevent the shifting of the stored fat tissue.

In order to survive the planned intervention as smoothly and without further complications, the following tips should be observed in summary-

  1. Consider long and hard whether the interference for you inevitable and really needed is
  2. Connect dubious methods categorically
  3. Find out about the surgeon, his qualifications, references and experience
  4. Familiarize yourself with modern surgical techniques
  5. Do not shy away from questions and express distrust

So, following the proper methods and ways, one can eliminate the risks of going through the penis enlargement procedures. Check this website to learn more risks about penis enlargement.